• Barcode Reader SR-2000

  • Industrial Barcode Reader

    • Industry-leading reading capabilities for even the most difficult and damaged barcodes.
    • Full lineup of fixed-mount and handheld scanners available.
    • Easily integrates with built-in Ethernet protocols.
  • Outstanding Performance

    Performance requirements are ever-changing. For example:

    • Automotive industry: the ability to read a barcode marked on metal from long ranges is necessary.
    • Food and Pharmaceutical industries: it is necessary to easily read codes from goods moving at high speeds on a conveyor.

    KEYENCE has the capability to meet all of these demands.

  • High-Level Visibility

    A superior barcode reader is essential to achieving site-wide visibility. 

    At KEYENCE, we offer the most suitable code readers for various sites and applications, whether automated or semi-automated, to help build stable data acquisition systems.

    If you want to know more about, just download the Catalog (PDF).

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