• Full-Spectrum Sensor | LR-W Series

  • Color Detection
    Stable Detection of Changes in Appearance

    • Presence and Absence
    • Product Differentiation
    • Color Verification
    • Registration Marks
    • and more detection application!

    Full-Spectrum Detection
    Unlike conventional sensors which  only use a Red LED,
    the LR-W utilizes a White LED and the full  color spectrum. By doing this, the LR-W can reliably and stably differentiate a much wider range of targets.


    Simplified Calibration
    The LR-W can easily perform three different types of calibration. Users can choose from One-Point (1-P), Two Point (2-P), and Master Calibration.


    Superior Detection
    LR-W accounts for a target's color, brightness, and surface finish to determine which detection method is best suited for the given application. This helps to ensure stable detection regardless of target variations.


    High Environmental Resistance
    The die cast metal housing can withstand impact from products, tools, or workers. 
    The LR-W Series meets the requirements of IP65 and IP67 for areas requiring washdown, or dusty/dirty environments.  

  • Targets with Slight Color Changes

  • Metal Targets

  • Tilted Targets

  • Full-Spectrum Detection

  • When precise detection is necessary:

    The small spot and dual spot options allow for versatile and stable detection.

    Dual Spot Detection

    The innovative usage of dual spot technology provides a level of precise appearance detection that has never been seen before. The LR-W70(C) also offers two unique sensing styles when using Dual Spot Detection.

For more information please download the catalogue.


Serie LR-W Sensor general de contraste Catálogo

Serie LR-W Sensor general de contraste Catálogo
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