• Multispectrum Lighting

  • All-in one Illumination Vision System

    - Need to find minimal color differences?
    - Does the part to be inspected have a very low contrast between its components?
    - Don't you know what lighting color allows to obtain better results?

    Multispectrum Lighting has your answers
  • Full Lighting Spectrum

    Multispectrum lighting has in a single lamp, 8 different light colors. This allows detections and inspections that are impossible for a human eye.

    Don’t use only one color, you can use up to 8! The standard capture function allows you to determine what is the ideal wavelength to solve your application.

    A color camera uses a filter that limits the camera sensor to view red, green, and blue light. A multispectrum camera has ranges from ultraviolet color to infrarred.

    Lumitrax Lighting included . LumiTrax function allows you to reduce reflections from other light sources in the capture, improving inspection stability.

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