• GL-R Series Safety Light Curtain

  • Compact Light Curtain 
    GL-R Series

    • Thick extruded
    • Aluminum frame & recessed lens
    • Adapts to countless safety applications
    • Simply wire directly to existing equipment
    • No need for additional guarding
    • Robust, yet slim

    The GL-R is a strong, smart and simple upgrade from hard guarding, safety switches or existing light curtains.


    The GL-R Series offers edge-to-edge protection, full length indicators, and built-in series connection capability.


    A recessed lens and durable housing make the GL-R strong and resistant to impact.


    Simple wiring options, universal connectivity, and an innovative alignment tool make setup & operation easy.


    KEYENCE has been an industry leader in sensing technology since 1974. KEYENCE's direct sales team visits customers with live demo equipment to find the best possible solution for all applications.

Learn more about the GL-R Series!

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