• Series FD-X

  • Flow Meter
    Micro Flow Control

    from Outside the Pipe

    • Low flow controlling for various applications
    • All you need to do is Clamp - On
    • Supporting pipe sizes between ø2.7 mm and ø14 mm
    • Monitor different fluids: Chemicals, Water, Oil, Grease, Lubricant and more!
    • Without stopping the machine to install!
  • Utilize Everywhere

    Any liquid can be monitored including viscous, corrosive, and sanitary liquids. 

  • Compatible with many pipe materials

    The sensors support varied types of piping from plastic to metal. Simply clamp-on to any pipe, or even tubing.

  • Checking spray rates for painting robots

  • Checking application rates of mould release fluid

  • Stably monitor countless fluids

  • Support plastic & metal piping

  • Zero Impact on Process

    By being completely non-contact, risks like clogging, pressure loss, and the need for any pipe modification are all eliminated. 


Serie FD-X Sensor de flujo tipo abrazadera Catálogo

Serie FD-X Sensor de flujo tipo abrazadera Catálogo
  • [Tipo de archivo]PDF:4.9MB

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