• ML-Z Series

  • Glass Marking

    • The synergy between 30 W of output power and an ultra-high-speed scanning system significantly improves productivity.
    • High Efficiency CO2 Marking with Superior Flexibility
    • The newly developed concept allows marking in the X, Y and Z axes and leads to unprecedented quality and precision for products of all shapes and sizes.

    The ML-Z Series precisely marks characters on rapidly moving flat or curved surfaces. The deep focal range of the ML-Z means that there’s no need to adjust for varying product sizes, reducing overall tact time. This allows the maximum performance of the marking head to be utilized in a wide range of applications.


    The ML-Z Series is equipped with 3-Axis control, a function for controlling the marking laser three-dimensionally to match the target shape. With the ability to mark on stepped, inclined, cylindrical, and conical targets, character distortion and flaws are kept to a minimum.

  • Air filters

  • IC chips

  • Weatherstripping

  • Film cutting and hole cutouts

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