• Contact Measurement Sensor, GT2 Series

  • LVDT
    Contact Measurement Sensor

    • High Accuracy and Repeatability
    • Robust Build
    • Ease of Use and Direct Support
    • Multiple Communication Protocols, such as Ethernet/IP and Profinet
  • Deformation Check

  • Measurement During Machining

  • Jam Detection

  • Assembly Inspection

  • Resistant, Accurate and Simple

    Highly accurate and built to last, KEYENCE GT2 LVDT can be easily added to any process. With Scale Shot System II, these sensores offer the highest accuracy in its class without error during high-speed operation. 

    GT2 Series LVDT sensors are also made to last more than 200 million cycles without any maintenance and have a Type 13 NEMA / IP67G class, which means that our sensors can withstand tough operation surroundings.

  • GT2 Software Monitor gives a quick and easy data rundown

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