• Machine Vision System

  • Machine Vision System

    Automated total inspection using image processing techniques can be valuable for preventing the outflow of defective products.

    Machine vision systems can be used to:

    - Detect: Scratches, contamination, defects, incorrect assembly, incorrect dimensions
    - Identify and read characters even if there is not high contrast
    - Read 1D and 2D Codes
    - Count pieces
    - Guide a Robot to make an assembly process 
    - Capture images for traceability log
  • Full in-line inspection

    It is often necessary to perform off-line appearance checks on product samples taken from production. Machine Vision System advantage allows you to make visual inspections during production. Saving time and money to your process.

    There are many limitations when performing visual inspections by humans. If you want to detect thousands or tens of thousands of objects, a huge amount of manpower is required, resulting in a significant reduction in production efficiency. To guarantee the quality and efficiency of production, it is essential to have vision system technology.

  • NEW Keyence Vision System

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