• PLC KV-700

  • Introducing a new form of PLC    KV-7000 series

      How much speed does a user really need?
      What sets one storage method apart from the others?
      With the answers to these questions in mind, KEYENCE set out to create the next generation of standard PLCs to meet customer needs. The result is the new KV-7000 Series.
      Answer 1 : Introducing a new world of applications thanks to
      impressive responsiveness.
      Answer 2: Discover new applications thanks to a freely usable
      large-capacity CPU memory.
  • With a freely usable CPU memory, the search for convenience is over

    Conventional memories have been limited in terms of programs and comment capacity, but PLC-related requests and needs have become more diversified.

    Users now wish to utilize various applications, from combining control and data collection during inspection to changing levels for large-capacity device data in order to increase efficiency during manufacturing.To meet these requests, a large-capacity memory has been incorporated and the degree of freedom improved through customisability of use areas to better suit customer applications.

The KV Series, designed with the user in mind!

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