• Keyence Vision System

  • Machine Vision System for Surface Inspection

    Surface inspection requires a stable capability to identify:

    - Determination of the overall image and as a basis for position correction

    - Inspection of glossy surfaces for linear flaws, rubbing flaws, etc.

    - Inspection of foreign particles and dirt

    - Inspection of surface dullness and flaws on cylinders and other surfaces

    - Inspection of dents, shallow unevenness, etc.

    Keyence Machine Vision System for Surface inspection allows you to take Large-capacity images with a valid pixel count of 67 megapixels (8192 × 8192 pixels) capable to identify previous cosmetic defects.
  • Minute defects only detectable with manual inspection

    Conventionally, automatic inspection is difficult with shallow flaws that can only be seen when illuminated from a certain angle, resulting in the need for visual inspection. However, visual inspection can be influenced by different inspectors as well as oversight, making 100% inspection difficult.

    Machine Vision System with the combination of dedicated cameras, dedicated lighting, and a newly developed algorithm enable automatic inspection of minute defects. These automatic inspections help improve productivity by drastically improving cycle times through high-speed processing.

  • Inspection of shiny cylinder

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