• All-Purpose Laser Sensor | LR-T Series

  • Time of Flight Sensor
    LR-T Series

    • Superior Detection Capabilities
    • Easy to Use
    • Unmatched Versatility
    • Detection Method: "TOF" Time of Flight
  • Time of Flight Detection

    The "TOF" method of detection measures distance by calculating the time it takes for a pulse-emitted beam to leave the sensor, hit the target, and then return to the sensor.
    This enables stable detection that is unaffected by the surface conditions of the workpiece that is being detected.

  • Adaptable Features

    The LR-T Series is full of innovative features that enable detection of targets that were previously considered undetectable.
    These features allow users to tailor the sensor to their specific applications and ensure optimal detection.

  • Flexible Mounting

    The design of the LR-T Series makes it possible to detect targets from any mounting position. Whether they are mounted close to a target, far from a target, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, these sensors will provide reliable and consistent detection.
    This makes the LR-T Series ideal for installation in new or existing equipment.

  • Auto Tuning

    Calibrate your sensor in seconds by simply pressing the SET button while the target you would like to detect is present, and then again when it is absent. The sensor will automatically set the optimum ON/OFF set point for your output.

  • Black rubber targets

  • Various shape targets

  • Shiny metal targets

  • Confirming insertion of parts

Download easily the catalog to know more details about Laser Sensor, LR-T Series.

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