Optimised functions for universal usage


Optimised functions for universal application

All devices battery-less

This is possible thanks to the adoption of large-capacity non-volatile memory. As a result, no data will be lost due to the battery running out, and there is no need to stock spare batteries.

Multi-language Hyper Access Window display

The access window, useful at start-up and when trouble occurs, supports three different languages: Japanese, English, and Chinese.

Input and display comments in up to 8 languages

Comments in up to 8 languages can be registered for a single project, and the language can be changed just by selecting the display language.

Universal comment dictionary editing

A translation dictionary table is available for making multiple-language comments into assets. The KV-7000 is also equipped with a function for translating words.


Program-less Ethernet

Program-less communication with sensors

Communication can be performed just by selecting the sensor to communicate with. Also, the simplified wiring, which uses a LAN cable to connect the devices, reduces wiring man-hours.

Predictive maintenance for sensors

A sensor's set values and current values are always captured within the PLC, which enables predictive maintenance for sensors by monitoring sensor light intensity.

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