Job Opportunities



FAQ about our recruitment

  • All job applications will be handled directly through here, so please go to Job Opportunities to apply there.

  • Yes, you can apply again but the system won't let you register more than 2 times, so please do not register with a different email and better contact Recruitment Team >

  • Because we hire nationally each graduation semester (june-july / january) process will take from 3-4 months from our first contact until we send you a formal offer.

  • For Sales position english level is not mandatory but would be considered.

    For Administrative positions we requiere an intermediate -advanced english level.

  • Each position requierements are different, so please check all our job opportunities and each of them will have the basic criteria for application.

  • Unfortunetly we currently don't have interns, but you can apply with us if you are studying your last semester and when you graduate you can participate, even if you don't have experience, as KEYENCE will give you all the training and tools you need to start your professional career.