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        Cabezales del Sensor de Fibra Óptica

        Serie FU

        Estándar, forma hexagonal

        Forma hexagonal, resistente y protegido.

        Forma hexagonal, resistente y protegido

        Ahorra espacio, sin problemas

        • Montaje sencillo

        Asegure la unidad con una sola tuerca. Su unidad de fibra estándar actual puede ser reemplazada sin trabajos o modificaciones adicionales.

        • Ahorro de espacio

        Todos los modelos de fibras FU-TZ permiten un cableado limpio y sencillo. Esto previene problemas como cables doblados o enredados.

        • Fibra irrompible

        El cable cuenta con una fibra irrompible cuya punta está doblada en ángulo recto. Este diseño requiere mucho menos espacio que los modelos convencionales (Patente en trámite).

        Serie Hexagonal

        The New Standard for Thrubeam Fibres

        [1] High power
        The built-in lens harnesses the high power of the amplifier.

        Built-in glass lens

        The built-in lens enables the FU-70TZ to harness the high power of the amplifier. This allows for consistently stable detection, even in harsh environments. The built-in lens also eliminates any concerns of the lens coming loose due to vibration.

        [2] Enclosure Rating: IP67
        The resin-filled structure provides excellent protection against dirt and water.

        Protected against intrusion

        An epoxy resin fills the stainless steel heads (SUS303) of the FU-70TZ, protecting it against the intrusion of water or dirt. This resin-filled structure also helps the FU-70TZ achieve an IP67 enclosure rating.

        [3] Easy to install
        The hex-shape design allows for easier installation and also conserves space.

        The hex-shaped threaded heads makes installation even easier; since each head can be secured in place using only one nut. The hex-shape also allows the cable to exit the head at a 90 degree angle, effectively conserving space.

        [4] Bending radius: 1mm
        The use of multiple fibre cores allows the bending radius to get as low as 1 mm.

        By using multiple fibre cores, the FU-70TZ can reach a bend radius of 1 mm, while still maintaining stable detection.


        Checking products as they pass along a conveyor belt in a dusty environment.

        Checking washed products as they pass along a conveyor belt.

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